We are expertise in MAG Welding Automation for Automotive Industry with more than 25 years collective experience. Expertise in Design, Robotic Simulation and Manufacturing of all type of Welding fixtures and equipments for leading Tier#1 and OEM standards. We have a very good track record of Design and Manufacturing of welding line equipments for structural components for Automotive.

The structural components are :

  • Rear Twist Beam
  • Front Sub Frame
  • Rear Sub Frame
  • Font Lower Control Arm
  • Instrument Panel
  • Brake Pedal
  • Engine Exhaust System
  • Battery Tray
  • Front & Rear Bumper
  • Aluminium Frame Welding

Specialised in BIW Welding Automation with more than 25 years of collective experience in the domain specialised in Process planning, Fixture Design, Handling Equipment Design, Layout Design, Process documentation, 2D Design and Technical documentation. We are specialised in Manufacturing, Assembly and Installation of the Automation lines. We have executed turn key projects with leading Teir#1 and Global standards.

The components are:

  • A-pillar and B Pillar
  • Body Sides (BSI and BSO)
  • Closures
  • Roof
  • Dash Panel
  • Qtr. Panel
  • Fender
  • Motor Compartment
  • Under Body

Small and critical components are difficult to weld in regular fixtures hence they are welded by laser tack to achieve the desired geometry and later completely brazed manually or automatically for leakproof. We are expertise in Laser tack Welding Equipments Design, Technical Documentation and Manufacturing. Specially used in fuel rail system and exhaust system of Automotive vehicles.

With well experienced Robotic Simulation team we are capable of executing offline and online programme of Automation lines. We are proficient in Foundation Plan ,System Layout, Pre-Process planning, Process Planning, Ergonomic Study, MTM study, Simulation ,Walk through Video, Technical Documentation with Online Programming. Expertise with different software’s enables us to execute projects will all leading Tier#1 Suppliers and OEMs.


The applications are :

  • Spot Welding
  • MIG / MAG Welding
  • Multi move Arc Welding
  • Sealing / Dispensing
  • Roller Hemming
  • Material Handling
  • Cycle time Optimization
  • Process Prove out

The Software’s we used are :

  • Robcad
  • Process Simulate
  • Delmia V5
  • Robot Studio
  • Fanuc Roboguide

Material Handling plays a vital role in every automation line. With effective and optimal material handling design we can synchronise the flow of materials during operations as well as minimize the human interface, good control over the inventory, improved quality and safety.
After parts are joined together to form a single component, equipments are Designed to perform tailor made operations. These equipments are unique for each automation line and we support customers in equipment Design and Manufacturing.


Our Material handling solutions advantages :

  • Priority towards the safety
  • Elimination of non productive operations
  • Elimination of monotonous operations
  • Minimise the idle time and machines
  • Minimise the rejection of finished parts
  • Maximise the productivity and effective
    utilisation of resources

The typical equipments are :

  • Robotic Punching stations
  • Press annealing Stations
  • Gauges
  • Weighing and marking Stations
  • Car part Machining Stations
  • Bush Pressing Stations

As part of turnkey project handling, we execute manufacturing support to our customers. We had delivered over 600 Welding fixtures and accessories accumulating to 500 tones of processed steel across different geographies. With having a very good relationship with global standard part suppliers we can speed up the process by shorten the lead time. We are partnered with global freight forwards to ensure hassle free freight delivery across the globe with shorter time. We are familiar with all leading global Tier#1 and OEM standards of manufacturing.

We Manufacture:

  • MAG Welding Fixtures
  • Spot Welding Fixtures
  • Material handing Equipments
  • Special Equipments manufacturing
  • Automation fixtures for Composite materials
  • Spare part management and supply

After Design and Manufacturing: We extended our services to help our customers in

  • Layout in Shop Floor
  • Installation Support
  • Robot Calibration
  • Commissioning Support
  • Programming PLC & Robots
  • Application Prove Out – Mainly Critical applications like MIG welding, Roller Hemming & Laser Brazing
  • We also take care of Safety standards as per the customer requirements
  • Production support

We are expertise in Assembly Automation for Automotive Industry with more than 20 years collective experience. Expertise in Design, Robotic Simulation and Manufacturing of all type of Assembly fixtures and equipments for leading Tier#1 and OEM standards.

The components are

  • Drive shaft circlip assembly
  • Electric power steering shaft assembly
  • Battery assembly for electrical vehicle
  • Front and Rear Axles for Special Vehicle
  • Dish Washer Assembly

With more than 20 years collective experience, we are experts in development of automation lines for winding technology. With extensive domain knowledge, we are able to provide comprehensive solutions for every process in the winding technology. The team, comprising of experienced and creative engineers, are capable of creating innovative solutions to customers requirements which are in par to the advanced technology of this machine age .
We ensure highest quality in every stage of machine building from design to manufacturing to service.
We ensure reliable and long operational life of the products by constructing robust and ergonomic design, which are made into a reality by assembling with precision manufactured components.

With more than 50 years collective experience, we cater to the needs of modernizing an industry. We have the expertise in machine tool technology coupled with factory automation.
We build specialised machines and automation lines for domains such as winding technology, automobile industry and food industry.

Few of our high quality product offered:

  • Rotary Die Cutting Machine
  • CNC Lathe
  • Double Disc Grinding Machine
  • Automation line for Automobile Industry and Food Industry
  • Fixtures for Machining different components